From WY7FD

Well Field Day has come and gone.  While it was not the best Field Day when compared with past scores, it was a fabulous Field Day by the standards of getting people exposed to HF.  I think if you ask WY7KID if he had a good time, the answer you be a resounding yes.  I know that Chris, KG7KSC had a good time.  He told me so. 

The setup and operation went great but the comradery was stellar.  I was impressed by the people that were chatting with each other.  As a club, we were becoming more cohesive.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the food planners and preparers.  The chow was some of the best I have seen at Field Day.  If you feel the same, please take the time to send a group email to and thank the food committee as well.

Setup and take down went great.  Many hands make light the work.  The “some assembly required” aspect was a surprise to some but in the end, we got on the air and had fun. 

There were some lessons learned as well.   I will cover these later.  Right now, is the time to say thank you to all that helped make this a great time.


I hope that all will come back for more next year…   And bring a friend.

Moving on to upcoming events, at this week’s meeting, we will be discussing classes for the fall.  We will also chat about the wiring project for the Sunny Divide Community Hall. (That is a mouthful.  I will just call it the Center.)  

I hope to see you all this Saturday.

Dwayne, WY7FD

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